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Project „iDEA Lab“

TEMPUS project „iDEA Lab“ apropos „Developing student entrepreneurship and open innovation in cooperation of universities and economy“ is focused on establishing network of centers, ‘idea laboratories’, for the purpose of providing support for commercialization of innovative ideas.

Partners on this project are 3 higher educational institutions, 2 from B&H and 1 from Montenegro, representatives of 8 organizations of private and public sector from these countries, including student organizations and partners for EU – 3 universities and 3 other partners. Duration of this project is 36 months with budget of 850,000 €.

Role of UPC is:

  • Implementation of all activities required for sustainability of project, including creating strategy of sustainability,
  • Implementation of idea laboratory in educational process,
  • Assessment of needs of economy and companies for education and services,
  • Participation in establishing idea laboratories, development and realization of training and creating virtual platform for beneficiaries
  • Organizing training for stuff,
  • Organization of regional competition for startups,
  • Active participation in developing Regional market of ideas.

Other partners for B&H on this project are University in Zenica, student organization EESTEC and Innovation Centre Banja Luka .

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